Nord Gearbox Repair

We Specialize On Rebuilding Re-Manufacturing & Reverse Engineering Services On Nord Gearboxes

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Experience qualifies us to work with Nord Gearboxes

Our extensive experience qualifies us to work with Nord Gearboxes from a broad range of manufacturers. As with all of our gearbox services, our gearbox rebuild and repair services conform to ISO standards. Contact us for more information on our capabilities and rush service.

Nord Gearbox Rebuild, Repair, and Emergency Services

Once your Nord gearbox arrives at our facility we disassemble, clean, inspect and measure all gears and shafts and determine if your Nord gears and shafts are qualified to be repaired. If the Nord gears and shafts are not repairable, we have the capabilities and expertise to manufacture all new Nord gears and shafts such as Helical, Double Helical, Herringbone, Split Herring bone, Bevel, Spiral Bevel, Spur Gears, Ring Gears, Eternal Ring Gears, Rack & Pinion, Worm Gears, Double Enveloping Worm Gears, Hypoid Gears, Screw Gears, Plus More! Once your Nord gearbox is repaired we then do a six hour test run for overheating, vibration, and leaking to ensure our 24 Month Guarantee. National Gear Box Repair can do all of these repairs and rebuilds at a considerable amount of saving rather than buying a new Nord gearbox.

Nord gearboxes are known for their Modular, Robust and Reliable Build. They are designed to be energy efficient in operation in combination with high torque in some gearboxes like the Helical Inline Gear Motors up to 230,000 Lbs-Inch. The Nord Unicase Gearbox is utilized for its features sporting a torsionally rigid one piece cast iron housing with precise gear and shaft alignments resulting in dependability and low maintenance.

Nord Gearboxes are also unique in allowing customers to choose multiple different styles of Gear Drives for their specific production. Another highly used gearbox is the Parallel Shaft Mount Unicase Clincher By Nord. Designed to be used in environments where space isnt a luxury and has torque ranges from 974 to 680,200 Lbs-In. The Flexible and adaptable design makes the unicase clincher a modular parallel drive shaft geared motor. It can be individually configured or as part of a universal assembly. These Drives can be used as agitators, mixers, bulk conveyors or cranes.

Nord Gearbox Repair

Nord Gearboxes are often utilized for mixers and agitators even with their precise engineering and quality materials they will eventually break down and require repair. Thats where we come in at National Gear Repair. National Gear Repair Technicians are timken certified and falk school trained with enough experience under their belt to take heavy duty shafts and rebuild them up to 100,000ths per side with no Pits or Cracks.

Our Gearbox Repair process starts with the inspection of your Nord Gearbox. The Gearbox is disassembled and placed in an industrial parts washer which strips all the grime and grease away allowing us to find the fault. Once we find the fault we send a quote and once approved we begin the repair process by repairing any damage to the housing replacing all bearings and seals and shims and replacing all inner components either with OEM Parts or Manufactured Parts and coat the exterior of the gearbox with a coating to reduce vibration and overheating. It is then filled with Royal Purple Testing Oil and placed on a test bench for 6 hours to test for vibration, overheating and other abnormalities. Once it passes this test the Nord Gearbox is certified with our 24 Month Warranty.

National Gear Repair Offers Free Freight and Free Quotes Nationwide as well as a 24 Month Warranty that goes into effect when you place Nord Gearbox into production. This means if we deliver something and it sits around for a few months your 24 month warranty wont start until you put your Nord Gearbox To Work! Give us a call at (909) 460-0101 or send us an email here.

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