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Kinney Vacuum pump repair and rebuild

Free pickup, delivery and quotes in USA for Kinney Vacuum pump repair 24/7 emergency rush service available. We manufacture shafts rotors and impellers for Kinney Vacuum pumps.
kinney vacuum pump repair rebuild
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Rebuilding or refurbishing of Kinney Vacuum pumps

Once your Kinney Vacuum pump arrives at our facility we disassemble, clean, inspect and measure your Kinney Vacuum pump and determine if your Kinney Vacuum pump is qualified to be repaired, if not we have the capabilities and expertise to manufacture shafts rotors and impellers for your Kinney Vacuum pump.

Kinney Industrial And Tuthill Vacuum and Blower Systems

The Kinney Vacuum Pump company was founded in 1907 with the ideals in mind to not only create vacuum pumps or Momentum Transfer Pumps, But to create an understanding that quality and customer care are the two founding pillars of success and recognition. The Kinney Vacuum Pumps also work as regenerative pumps that are utilizing vortex behavior. The Tuthill Corporation began its expansion by purchasing the Kinney Vacuum Company in 1996 before combining with the Tuthill Pneumatics group in 2002.

Though A Part of the Tuthill Pump Company, The Kinney Vacuum Company has continued to produce previous models of pumps alongside the new concepts designed in cooperation with the Tuthill Pump company The Booster And Piston Vacuum Systems are still utilized for their compact close coupled systems designed to handle high volumes at low pressure. Some modernization has come to the Kinney Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps with the optimization of the single stage and two stage systems that are utilized in the chemical and pharmaceutical processing, food processing and beverage industries.

The Tuthill Team has also aided with some collaboration with the Kinney Vacuum Pump Engineers with the creation of the SDV and KDP Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps. THe SDV Screw Type Dry Vacuum Pump has a variable pitched mtor designed and the kdp screw type vacuum pump is designed to handle process byproducts, liquids and small particles.

Kinney Vacuum has even come face to face with directly competing against positive displacement pump manufacturer Cherry Burrell Waukesha with the Kinney Vacuum FKL Pump. its engineered for lasting performance and it has a larger diameter shaft making it much stronger than other competitors. It also has a unique balanced rotor designed that reduces the contact the rotor has with the housing to reduce the wear on your pump. Kinney Vacuum even guarantees the strength of its unbreakable shaft. The FKL is designed to be used for True CIP without needing to remove any components. The Cover and rotors are designed to stay in place providing a simple and effective solution with minimal downtime allowing it to be modular and efficient.

Kinney Vacuum Pump Repair

Under the Tuthill Corporation along with the quality Kinney Vacuum Pumps are known for their wear and tear is significantly reduced compared to other competitors, they still will eventually come to need repair. If you find yourself in need of Industrial Pump Repair give us a call at (909) 460-0101 and we can help you start working towards getting you back up again. Our Sales Team at National Gear Repair have years working in multiple industries and as such most repair diagnoses are often done over the phone before inspection due to our expertise. We would always recommend letting us pick up your Kinney Vacuum Pump to take a closer look. National Gear Repair offers Free Freight Nationwide.

All Technicians at National Gear Repair are timken bearing certified and are all trained through the Falk School. Paired with their factory trained experience working in many industries prior to National Gear Repair, Can ensure that your Kinney Vacuum Pump Repair is done effectively and efficiently to surpass the speed and standards set by the OEM. National Gear Repair always has critical spare parts in stock for Kinney Vacuum Pumps to ensure the fastest turn around time in the industry.

Once we receive your Kinney Vacuum Pump we begin the inspection process by taking it apart making sure not to damage any components before placing it into an industrial parts washer with an organic cleaning solution to strip away and grime or residue to allow us to identify the fault. If a repair is approved we begin to replace all bearings and seals. National Gear Repair Can also Manufacture all internal components for Kinney Vacuum Pumps in Under 24 hours. All parts are replaced in the pump as its rebuilt before being placed on a pump test bench. We ensure all tolerances are set to OEM Specifications. After passing the Quality Assurance Pump Test the Kinney Vacuum Pump is certified with our 24 month warranty which goes into effect the date you place the pump into production. Even if your pump sits around in your bay for 2 months, the warranty starts once the pump is placed into production. We Can beat any OEM Repair lead times due to our standards, inventory of spare parts and ability to manufacture internal components in house.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the repair of your Kinney Vacuum Pump, please give us a call at (909) 460-0101. If you would like to inquire about our 24 hour rush repair service simply contact us using this form here . National Gear Repair Offers Free Freight And Free Quotes Nationwide.

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