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Free pickup, delivery and quotes in USA for Busch Vacuum pump repair 24/7 emergency rush service available. We manufacture shafts rotors and impellers for Busch Vacuum pumps.
busch vacuum pump repair rebuild
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Rebuilding or refurbishing of Busch Vacuum pumps

Once your Busch Vacuum pump arrives at our facility we disassemble, clean, inspect and measure your Busch Vacuum pump and determine if your Busch Vacuum pump is qualified to be repaired, if not we have the capabilities and expertise to manufacture shafts rotors and impellers for your Busch Vacuum pump.

Busch Vacuum Solutions

In The Heart of Maulburg Germany, Busch Vacuum Pumps And Systems are manufacturing industrial solutions in the form of vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors. The company employes over 300 people in 61 companies around the world. Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems was founded by Dr. Karl Busch and his wife Ayhan in Schopfheim Baden Wurttemberg Germany. One of the first inventions created by the company was the HuckePack vacuum pump that could be used for vacuum sealing food products. With the success of the Huckepack Pump the company began manufacturing the Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Or the R5 Series which helped push the companies growth into the international market.
usch Vacuum Pumps was well established all around the world after it moved itself to its permanent headquarters in Maulburg Germany eventually establishing companies in the US around the 1980s and is now operating in 43 countries worldwide.
Busch Vacuum Pumps come in many makes and models. Made famous by the R5 Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump which is designed to be tough and have extreme reliability through long time use operation. These pumps can operate on a scale of ultimate pressure reaching 0.075-15 TORR and Pumpin Speeds at 60:Z 2.8-1060 ACFM.
The Busch Mink Vacuum is a Dry Claw Vacuum Pump and Compressor which is the result of Busch Vacuum Pumps and Services rigorous research into Claw Technology. The Dry contact free operating pump operates in a nearly maintenance free mode which make it perfectly suited for all industrial application where constant pressure and oil free operation is Essential.

Busch Vacuum Pump Repair

Although Busch Vacuum Pumps are designed from high quality materials and with ground breaking design and engineering technology, They may still require repair here and there albeit not as often as other industrial pumps. If you find your Busch Vacuum Pump in need of Pump Repair feel free to give our sales team a call at (909) 460-0101. This is the direct line to our sales team which all have years of experience working with Busch Vacuum Pumps as former National Gear Repair Technicians. All Sales Staff at National Gear Repair can diagnose issues directly over the phone with how well informed and updated we are with Busch Vacuum Pump Repair.
All Technicians at National Gear Repair are Timken Bearing Certified and have undergone all necessary training through the Falk School to become CLASS A Certified Repair Technicians. This means National Gear Repair Technicians ensure that your Busch Vacuum Pump Repair is done effectively and efficiently.
National Gear Repair keeps all critical spare parts for Busch Vacuum Pumps to ensure all repair lead times can be completed as soon as possible by not relying on shipping times to keep our lead times short. National Gear Repair can also Manufacture all necessary gearing and inner components for Busch Vacuum Pumps including all gearing up to 20 feet in diameter In House. National Gear Repair offers a 24 Month Warranty that starts on the date of installation. If we deliver your Busch Vacuum Pump and it sits around for a few months, The warranty starts on the day it gets installed and put into production.
If you have any concerns or questions regarding the repair of your Busch Vacuum Pump, please give us a call at (909) 460-0101.  If you would like to inquire about our 24 hour rush repair service simply contact us using this form here.

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